Onlinematerials «Society – Handbook for Teachers»


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The pages correspond with the handbook for teachers.

Page 3: Expressions and Phrases

Risk and Security
Page 33: Interview with Jil
Page 44: Risk Behaviour Survey
Page 46: Climate strikes with at least 1000 school children in Switzerland
Page 48: Smart Home

Democracy and Participation

Page 69: «Tell me about Parliament»
Page 70: The Swiss confederation. A brief guide
Page 75: The Swiss confederation. A brief guide

Switzerland in Europe and the World
Page 85: GetYourGuide
Page 90: Interview with Urs
Page 103: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Market and Economics
Page 108: Pearl Exchange- Demand and Supply Activity

Global Challenges

Page 117: Interview with Tobias

Housing and Lifestyles
Page 152: Interview with Chris
Page 154: Women's Day
Page 155: Equality

Work and Future Prospects
Page 164: Card Game
Page 166: Interview with Laurent
Page 169: Swiss Skills
Page 172: Job interview – Worksheet

Culture and Art
Page 186: Fountain
Page 189: How Does Banksy Make Money?
Page 191: PowerPoint Presentation
Due to licenses under image law, the works of art mentioned in the PowerPoint are not displayed directly, but must be inserted manually by the teachers via the link.
Page 192: Interview with Ayleen
Page 191: What makes art valuable?
Page 194: Interview with Eric

Page 208: Bilder im Fokus: Wirklichkeit oder Illusion?
Page 208: Bildmanipulation
Page 210: You Won't Believe What Obama Says In This Video
Page 210: Fake videos of real people – and how to spot them | Supsorn Suwajanakorn
Page 210: CNN
Page 213: Fact checking online is more important than ever
Page 213: The (almost) complete history of 'fake news'


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